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This song is a new age composition that is best described as epic, dynamic, and pensive. The perfect music to let your mind wander and let your imagination soar. Also it could be music that you might hear in an epic Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Biopic film.

Catchy tune with Middle Eastern melodies moving through the song. Features a melody played by a guitar lead created by Jacob Karstens. Has driving bass and percussion parts that keep the song moving. Inspired by the music in a game called The 4th Coming.

Awakening is a rich and vibrant song that tells a story of isolation and waking up to see your home being violently taken over. Full of complex melodies and many variations with diverse instrumentation.

Bouncy and happy Love song consisting of a guitar, vocalist, and some harmony and piano. Has some vibes similar to Dashboard Confessional and other acoustic pop/rock artists.

Eerie and spacy instrumental song. It is a song that is slowly paces, but gradually builds to a big finish. Great song for letting your mind wander or for certain activities such as Yoga.

5 Song Collection that consists of many flavors including Progressive Rock, Spanish rhythms, Pop ballads, and the crunch of Hard Rock.

Laid-back smooth acoustic music. Has a delicate blend of guitars, percussion, bass, keys, and two vocalists. Follows an alternative and folk trend but spiced up with some Spanish rhythms and melodies that are quite complex but enjoyable.